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Ilona n Company Events: Boisset Collection

Creating Memories

l'Art de Vivre

At Boisset, we embrace l'Art de Vivre, the Art of Life. Celebrating passion, artistry, craftmanship, style and community, we believe the world of wine is something to be shared by all. 

Let me bring the best from our tasting rooms into your world. I provide custom label and event wines, corporate gifting, curated wine tastings and wines delivered directly to you.

I  serve as your personal curator, understanding your unique taste and style, introducing  you to one of the most exciting communities - the Boisset Wine Society and offer you opportunities to bring the world of wine into your business.




A Wine Experience to Remember

Whatever the circumstances, Ilona n Company Events is here to make your occasion extra special. Contact me today and see what I can do to make your event wonderful, successful, and ultimately less stressful for you.

Wine Custom Label Hero March19.png

Custom Wine Labels

A personalized front label on an incredible bottle of wine sends a message that will not be forgotten. Perfect for weddings, special occasions, graduations, corporate & holiday gifting, milestones and events. Choose from ready-made templates OR create your own custom artwork.


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